5.1 Importing the Driver Packages

The driver packages contain the items required to create a driver, such as policies, filters, and Schema Mapping policies. Before you create the driver, import the latest packages to Designer. This driver requires the following packages:

  • NETQEDMBASE_<version>.jar

  • NETQEDMDCFG_<version>.jar

  • NETQEDMMSINF_<version>.jar

To import packages:

  1. Open Designer.

  2. Select Help > Check for Package Updates.

  3. Click OK to update the packages or click OK if the packages are up-to-date.

  4. In the Outline view, right-click the Package Catalog.

  5. Click Import Package.

  6. Select the Entity Data Model driver package.

    By default, only the base packages are displayed. Deselect Show Base Packages Only todisplay all packages.

  7. Click OK to import the selected packages, then click OK in the successfully imported packages message.

  8. After the current packages are imported, continue with Creating the Driver Object.