Administrator Guide for Identity Intelligence

  Administrator Guide for Identity Intelligence
      Understanding the Identity Intelligence Architecture
      Understanding the Identity Intelligence Components
    Planning the Installation
      Implementation Checklist
      Deployment Considerations
        Components Needed for Deployment
        Deployment Options
        Securing Communication Between Components
      Installation Options
        Installation Using Scripts
        Manual Installation
        Deciding to Use the Scripts or Manual Installation Method
    Installing Identity Intelligence
      Installing Identity Intelligence by Using Scripts
        Understanding the Installation Scripts
        Using the Scripts in Single-node Deployments
        Using the Scripts in Multi-node Deployments
      Installing Identity Intelligence Manually
        Installing Vertica
        Preparing Your Environment for CDF
        Installing CDF
        Installing Identity Intelligence
      Deploying Identity Intelligence in an Existing Cluster
        Deploying Identity Intelligence
      Post-Installation Configurations
        Labeling Nodes
        Configuring Flannel Memory
        Setting the Default Locale for the Database
        Configuring SSL for Vertica
        Performance Tuning for Data Ingestion
      Verifying the Installation
      Installing and Configuring ArcMC
    Configuring Data Collection
      Data Collection Configuration Checklist
      Tuning Ingestion of Backdated Events
      Installing and Configuring the SmartConnector
        Installing the SmartConnector
        Adding Categorization Files
        Creating TrustStore for One-Way SSL with Transformation Hub
        Creating TrustStore and KeyStore for Mutual SSL with Transformation Hub
        Configuring the SmartConnector
        Configuring Additional Destination for Identity Manager Audit Events
        Verifying the SmartConnector Configuration
      Configuring Entity Change Events Collection
        Understanding the Collection of Entity Change Events
        Configuring the Collection of Entity Change Events
      Customizing Data Reconciliation
        Understanding Default Reconciliation Fields
        Reconciling Data for the Identity Entity
        Customizing Data Reconciliation
      Configuring Data Collection from Identity Manager
        Understanding the Data Collection Process
        Configuring Entity Data Collection
        Configuring Audit Events Collection
        Reverting Backdated Events Configuration
      Configuring Data Collection from Identity Governance
        Data Collection Configuration Checklist
        Understanding the Data Collection Process
        Configuring Data Collection
      Reverting Backdated Events Configuration
      Verifying Data Collection Configuration
        Verifying SmartConnector Log Files
        Viewing Data in the Identity Intelligence User Interface
    Upgrading Identity Intelligence
      Upgrade Checklist
      Upgrading Identity Intelligence
        Upgrading Vertica
        Upgrading CDF
        Upgrading SmartConnector
        Upgrading Identity Intelligence
        Post-Upgrade Configurations
    Managing Identity Intelligence
      Installing Licenses
        Installing the License for Identity Intelligence and Transformation Hub
        Installing the License for Vertica
        Installing the License for ArcMC
      Assigning Permissions and Roles
        Creating and Assigning Permissions to a Role
        Creating a User
      Adding Vertica Nodes
      Restarting Nodes in the Cluster
        Restarting Nodes by Using Scripts
        Restarting Nodes Manually
      Configuring the Log Level
      Collecting Diagnostic Logs
      Modifying Transformation Hub Configurations
        Disabling Plain Text Communication
        Enabling Client Authentication
      Resetting the CDF Administrator Password
      Renewing CDF Certificates
        Renewing Certificate Before Expiration
        Renewing Certificates After Expiration
      Changing the CDF Certificate Authority
        Generating a New CA
        Updating the CDF CA
      Retrieving CDF Root CA
        Retrieving the CDF Root CA from Browser
        Retrieving the CDF Root CA Using Command Line
      Managing Vertica
        Recovering from Loss of Entity Data Being Collected from Identity Manager to Identity Intelligence
        Restarting the Node Fails with an Error
      Uninstalling Identity Intelligence
        Uninstalling Manually
        Uninstalling by Using the Script
    Legal Notice