21.4 Upgrading SmartConnector

Identity Intelligence contains two different instances of SmartConnector in different directories: one for audit events collection using SSL and one for entity change events collection using non-SSL. Therefore, you must upgrade both the instances of SmartConnector.

To upgrade SmartConnector:

  1. Log in to the Identity Intelligence node as the root user.

  2. Stop the SmartConnector service:

    /etc/init.d/arc_<name of the SmartConnector> stop

  3. Change to the directory (for example, /opt) where you downloaded and unzipped the SmartConnector installation file.

  4. Change to the following directory:

    cd smartconnectorforidentityintelligencex.x.x.x

  5. Update permissions for the <SmartConnector_installation> file:


    chmod 755 ArcSight-<version>-Connector-Linux64.bin

  6. Run the SmartConnector installer to upgrade:



  7. Enter the directory where the SmartConnector is installed (for example, /opt/SmartConnector).

    NOTE:Based on the SmartConnector instance you are upgrading, provide the appropriate location.

  8. Execute the following command to complete the upgrade:


  9. Verify SmartConnector upgrade by validating the SmartConnector Version:

    /<SmartConnector Installation Directory>/current/bin/arcsight agents -v

  10. Start the SmartConnector service:

    /etc/init.d/arc_<name of the SmartConnector> start