15.2 Reconciling Data for the Identity Entity

By default, the entity_reconciliation_id field is not populated with any value. Therefore, by default, Identity Intelligence does not do reconciliation for identity records.

You can either map entity_reconciliation_id to the appropriate attribute in the data source or use any of the attributes available in the Identity Intelligence schema.

  • Use entity_reconciliation_id: You can use entity_reconciliation_id in situations such as multi-affiliation where a person might have multiple User objects in the data source. Mapping entity_reconciliation_id with the correct attribute in the data source helps Identity Intelligence to correctly track those user objects separately.

    To map entity_reconciliation_id in the original data source, you must specify the appropriate attributes for the entity_reconciliation_id field. If you have multiple identity data sources, ensure that the entity_reconciliation_id is mapped to the same attribute across all data sources. Complete the instructions referenced in the following table for your data sources:

  • Use attributes available in the schema: If you do not need to handle situations such as multi-affiliation in your environment, you can modify the tg_reconciliation_fields.json file with any of the attributes available in the mf_shared schema instead of populating the entity_reconciliation_id field.