22.2 Installing the License for Vertica

By default, Vertica is installed with the community edition. If you want to upgrade to enterprise edition, perform the following:

  1. Log in as root to the server where Vertica is installed.

  2. Copy the Vertica license file to a temporary directory. For example, /tmp.

  3. Switch to database administrator user created during Vertica installation. For more information, see Installing Vertica.

  4. Run adminTools:


  5. Select Advanced Menu.

  6. Select Upgrade License Key.

  7. From the Select database to Upgrade License Key, select Investigate > OK.

  8. Specify the license file path name in the following format and select OK:

    /tmp/<license file name>

  9. Select Accept > OK.

  10. Enter password for the database and select OK.

  11. Read through the license summary and select OK.

  12. Select Exit > OK.