13.2 Installing the SmartConnector

You must install two different instances of SmartConnector in the Identity Intelligence node but in different directories: one for audit events collection using SSL and one for entity change events collection using non-SSL. This is because Identity Intelligence can send entity change events to the SmartConnector only using non-SSL communication.

To install the SmartConnector:

  1. Log in to the Identity Intelligence node as the root user.

  2. Change to the directory (for example, /opt) where you downloaded and unzipped the SmartConnector installation file.

  3. Change to the following directory:

    cd smartconnectorforidentityintelligence x.x.x

  4. Update permissions for the <SmartConnector_installation> file:


    chmod 755 ArcSight-<version>-Connector-Linux64.bin

  5. Install the SmartConnector:



  6. Enter the installation directory (for example, /opt/SmartConnector).

    NOTE:For audit events collection, specify a different directory for the installation where the SmartConnector for entity change events is not installed.

  7. When prompted for create links, select the default, which is to create the links in the desired location (for example, /root).

    Create links creates a link to the uninstallation script.

  8. Continue with Adding Categorization Files.