21.5 Upgrading Identity Intelligence

  1. Log in to the CDF Management Portal.

  2. To accept the Configuration Page certificate:

    1. On the installed cluster, ensure that you access configuration properties at least once to accept the certificate. This step is important to avoid any certificate error during the upgrade.

    2. Go to Deployment > Deployments > > Reconfigure.

    3. Accept the certificate.

  3. Click Deployment > Metadata.

  4. Click +ADD on the top-right and add the installer metadata file.

  5. Click Deployment > Deployments.

    Under Update, you will see a notification that indicates there are updates available to components in your cluster.

  6. Click the notification icon and then click the installer metadata link.

  7. Since you have already downloaded the required files for upgrade, continue to click Next until you are in the Import suite images screen.

  8. Launch a terminal session, then log in to the master node as root or as a sudo user.

  9. Change to the following directory:

    cd /<cdf_installer_directory>/kubernetes/scripts/

    For example:

    cd /opt/arcsight/kubernetes/scripts

  10. Upload the Analytics image:

    ./uploadimages.sh -d <download_directory>/identityintelligence-x.x.x.x/suite_images/analytics-x.x.x.x -u registry-admin -p <cdf_password>

  11. Upload the Identity Intelligence image to the local registry:

    ./uploadimages.sh -d <download_directory>/identityintelligence-x.x.x.x/suite_images/idi-x.x.x.x -u registry-admin -p <cdf_password>

  12. Upload the Transformation Hub image to the local registry:

    ./uploadimages.sh -d <download_directory>/identityintelligence-x.x.x.x/suite_images/transformationhub-x.x.x.x -u registry-admin -p <cdf_password>

  13. Switch to the CDF Management portal, then click CHECK AGAIN to ensure that the images have been uploaded.

  14. Click Next until you get the Deployment/Restart screen.

  15. Click Deployment > Metadata and delete the metadata file that is not in use.

  16. Check the upgrade status by monitoring the pods status:

    1. Go to CDF Management Portal.

    2. Click Cluster > Dashboard.

    3. In the left pane, switch to the arcsight-installer-<XXXX> Namespace.

    4. Go to the Pods section and continue reloading the page until you see the status for all the pods as Running. On the Status column, sort the pod status to see if any pod is not running. Once the status for all the pods is changed to Running, Identity Intelligence upgrade is complete.

  17. To determine whether the upgrade is successful:

    1. Go to Deployment > Deployments.

    2. Under the Version column, you will see the new version of the suite.

      Also, under the Update column, you will see zero, which indicates there are no updates available for components in your cluster.

  18. Identity Intelligence supports only SSL communication between Identity Intelligence and its related components. Therefore, if SSL is not configured in your environment, configure SSL by performing the steps in the Disabling Plain Text Communication section.

  19. Continue with Post-Upgrade Configurations.