11.0 Data Collection Configuration Checklist

To successfully configure data collection, complete the following checklist in the listed order:

If you have both Identity Manager and Identity Governance, to leverage data from both the data sources, you must configure data collection as follows:

  • Configure Identity Governance to collect data from Identity Manager.

    For more information, see Identity Governance documentation.

  • Configure Identity Intelligence to collect data from both Identity Manager and Identity Governance and ensure that the data reconciliation fields for both the data sources are same.

Similarly, if you have multiple Identity Manager systems or multiple Identity Governance systems, you should configure all the systems to send data to Identity Intelligence. When multiple systems are sending data, it is important to correctly configure data reconciliation so that Identity Intelligence can reconcile any overlapping data.

NOTE:Identity Intelligence reports data as accurately as provided by the data sources. Therefore, if you observe any data accuracy issues, validate the data accuracy in the data source.