27.0 Collecting Diagnostic Logs

Diagnostic log files helps in investigating and troubleshooting issues. This section provides information about collecting diagnostic logs for Identity Intelligence.

To collect diagnostic logs :

  1. Log in to the master node as root.

  2. Obtain the docker ID of web service:

    docker ps | grep atlas_web-service

  3. Obtain the diagnostic file from the web service pod:

    docker cp <docker_id of atlas_web-service>:/th/ws/th_diag/th_diag.tgz <directory where you want to copy the .tgz file>

  4. Change to the directory where you copied the .tgz file :

    cd <directory where you copied the .tgz file>

  5. Untar the diagnostic file:

    tar –xzf th_diag.tgz

  6. Provide the execute permission for the extracted files:

    chmod 0700 *.sh

  7. Obtain the diagnostic logs:


    All the log files are available in the following location:

    thdiag-<FQDN>-<yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss>/<directory where you copied the .tgz file>