21.6 Post-Upgrade Configurations

You must perform the following after upgrading Identity Intelligence:

  • Edit all Views that were created in the previous version to launch the Views properly. For more information see, Identity Intelligence Release Notes.

  • If you had set any custom configurations in the tg_reconciliation_fields.json file, you must restore the custom configurations after the upgrade.

    To restore the custom configurations:

    1. Change to the following directory:

      cd /<install_directory>/<arcsight_nfs_volume>/eventbroker/di/data-processor/conf

    2. Copy any custom configuration parameter values from the tg_reconciliation_fields.json file to the tg_reconciliation_fields.json_<timestamp> file and delete tg_reconciliation_fields.json file.

    3. Rename the tg_reconciliation_fields.json_<timestamp> file as tg_reconciliation_fields.json.