22.1 Installing the License for Identity Intelligence and Transformation Hub

  1. Log in to the CDF Management Portal.

  2. Navigate Administration > License .

  3. From the drop-down menu, select License.

  4. To install the Transformation Hub license files, complete the following steps:

    1. Click Install Licenses > Choose File, browse to the location of your valid license file, and click Next.

    2. Click Install Licenses and follow the prompts to apply the license.

  5. To install the license for Identity Intelligence repeat Step 4.

  6. Log in to the master node as root.

  7. After applying your license file, restart each Kafka broker in the cluster, one at a time, as follows:

    1. Run the following command to restart the selected broker node:

      kubectl delete pod th-kafka-(x) -n arcsight-installer-XXX

    2. Watch the logs and ensure that the Kafka broker node is up and running:

      kubectl logs th-kafka-(x) -n arcsight-installer-XXX

      Once the selected broker node is up and running, only then proceed to restart the next node.

  8. Under View Licenses, verify whether the licenses have been applied.

Identity Intelligence licenses come up with a default validity period. To prevent any interruption in the functionality, ensure that you renew the license before its validity expires.