17.2 Understanding the Data Collection Process

Identity Governance collects all user and access information, also called facts, from various data sources and stores this data in fact tables. Identity Intelligence collects the following data from these facts tables:

  • Entities and their relations such as identities, groups, accounts, and applications.

  • Entitlements (access rights) such as permissions and technical roles.

  • User activities such as access requests and access reviews.

Identity Intelligence collects, processes, and stores the data as follows:

  • Identity Intelligence provides a fact configuration utility that enables you to create facts in Identity Governance to collect the required data.

  • Identity Governance publishes snapshots of these facts at the scheduled interval to Kafka topics in Transformation Hub.

  • Identity Intelligence gathers data from Kafka topics.

  • Identity Intelligence compares the existing and new data snapshots to check for any new data and for modification or deletion to existing data.

  • Based on the comparison, it updates the mf-shared-entity-ingest Kafka topic in Transformation Hub.

  • Standardizes and processes data in the mf-shared-entity-ingest Kafka topic to build data structures for analytics use cases.

  • Sends the processed data to database for storage.

The following diagram helps you understand the data collection process: