16.1 Understanding the Data Collection Process

Identity Intelligence collects, processes, and stores entity data and audit events as follows:

  • The Identity Manager Driver for Entity Data Model collects entity data from Identity Manager. The Entity Data Model driver collects various types of entity-specific data such as identities, accounts, and access rights from Identity Manager and sends the data to the mf-shared-entity-ingest Kafka topic in Transformation Hub.

  • Identity Manager sends audit events to the SmartConnector for Syslog NG Daemon, which then sends these audit events to the th-cef Kafka topic in Transformation Hub.

  • Identity Intelligence does the following:

    • Gathers data from Kafka topics.

    • Standardizes and processes data to build data structures for analytics use cases.

    • Sends the processed data to database for storage.

The following diagram helps you understand the data collection process: