2.0 Implementation Checklist

Use the following checklist to install and configure Identity Intelligence. You should perform the tasks in the listed order.




  1. Review product architecture information to learn about the software and components that you need to install and configure

Deployment Considerations

  1. Ensure that the computers on which you are installing the Identity Intelligence components meet the specified requirements

Identity Intelligence 1.1 System Requirements

  1. Decide the deployment type, and how you want to configure your component installation

Installation Options

  1. Review the considerations and prerequisites for installation

Deployment Options

  1. Decide the security mode (one-way or mutual SSL) that must be used for communication between components

Securing Communication Between Components

  1. Install Identity Intelligence

Installing Identity Intelligence

  1. (Conditional) Perform the post-installation configuration tasks

    Required only when you do not use the installation scripts

Post-Installation Configurations

  1. Configure data collection

Configuring Data Collection

  1. Add users and assign their permissions and roles

Assigning Permissions and Roles

  1. Install licenses before the trial period expires

Installing Licenses

  1. (Optional) Install ArcMC

Installing and Configuring ArcMC