11.3 Configuring Bulk Data Update Settings

Before you edit attribute values in bulk, you or a system administrator must configure the Bulk Data Update I/O Base folder in the Identity Governance Configuration Utility. Use the Identity Governance Configuration Utility to configure the following settings:

Base Folder

Create a folder on your Identity Governance server for update files. Specify that full path name of that folder in this field. You must also create sub-folders named input and output. The Identity Governance service must have read/write access permission on both of these folders. Identity Governance creates the CSV data template files in the output folder, and you submit edits by copying the updated template in the input folder.

Batch Size

(Optional) Specifies the maximum number of CSV data rows processed at one time. This option is useful for tuning the memory usage of the Bulk Update process. The default value is 1000.

When you place the CSV file in the input directory, Identity Governance changes the file extension as it processes the file. Here are the different extensions and processes the file goes through during the bulk process:

File Extension Name



Identity Governance starts the bulk process. It is the name on the file when you add it into the input directory.


Phase 1 of the bulk process.


If the bulk process fails, the file name becomes .fail.


If the bulk process succeeds, the name becomes .done.