8.0 Upgrading Identity Governance

You can upgrade to Identity Governance 3.0.x from Identity Governance 2.5. As part of the upgrade process, you must also migrate data because some of the collector templates and database tables and views changed between the releases.

NOTE:If you are upgrading and changing database platforms, you cannot migrate your existing data to the new platform. For example, if you are running Identity Governance with PostgreSQL as your database and you plan to upgrade and use Microsoft SQL Server as your database, your existing data cannot move to the new database.

Upgrading to the latest Identity Governance version is a process you must follow. You must backup your current data, uninstall the current version of Identity Governance and Identity Reporting, if you installed it, and then reinstall the current version of Identity Governance. With the Identity Governance 3.0 release, Identity Reporting is part of the installation process instead of running a separate installer.