3.4 Stopping, Starting, and Restarting Tomcat

Identity Governance runs the Tomcat server running on Linux as a service instead of starting it using an initialization script. Some installation and configuration tasks require stopping Tomcat before completing the steps and then starting it afterwards. Other tasks require reloading Tomcat. The following examples guide these processes.

3.4.1 Linux Examples for Tomcat

To stop Tomcat:

systemctl stop identity_tomcat.service

To start Tomcat:

systemctl start identity_tomcat.service

To restart Tomcat:

systemctl restart identity_tomcat.service

To show the status of Tomcat.service:

systemctl status identity_tomcat.service

3.4.2 Windows Examples for Tomcat

To stop, start, or restart Tomcat, use one of the following methods:

To use the Services window:

  1. Open the Services window (C:\Windows\system32\services.msc).

  2. Locate IDM Apps Tomcat Service.

  3. Select Start, Stop, or Restart.

To use Task Manager:

  1. Open Task Manager, and select More details if not already expanded.

  2. Select the Services tab.

  3. Locate IDM Apps Tomcat Service and right-click over it.

  4. Select Start, Stop, or Restart.

    NOTE:If the Task Manager Services does not restart, it could be due to the time it takes for Stop to finish. Wait a minute and then try Start again.

To use a command prompt:

  1. Open a command prompt using cmd.exe.

  2. Enter the following command:

    NET STOP|START|RESTART "IDM Apps Tomcat Service"
  3. (Conditional) If Windows responds that it could not stop the service, use another method to check the status.