11.6 Customizing the Collector Templates for Data Sources

Usually, a collector template includes predefined attribute mappings and value transformation policies suitable for the target data source. To create a custom collector template, you can download and edit an existing template. Collector templates use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format for specifying the collection behavior. You can use a JSON formatter or text editor to modify the content of the template file.

When you import a new or modified template for an application source, you must specify whether the template is designed for collecting accounts or permissions from the source. If a new or customized template replaces an existing template, you can disable the template that you no longer need.

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Global or Data administrator.

  2. Select Administration.

  3. Expand the Identity Source Collector Templates or Application Source Collector Templates section.

  4. (Conditional) To customize an existing template, complete the following steps:

    1. Select the template that you want to customize.

    2. Select Download.

    3. Specify where you want to save the downloaded file.

    4. Edit the template and save the JSON file.

  5. (Conditional) To import a new or modified collector template, select + and then specify the template that you want to import.

  6. (Conditional) To disable a template that you do not use, complete the following steps:

    1. Select the template that you want to disable.

    2. Select Disable.