iChain 2.3

Novell iChain is an integrated security solution that offers secure authentication and access to portals, Web-based content and Citrix* thin client services. It includes identity-based Web security services and enabled authorized users -- including employees, customers and partners -- to securely authenticate from anywhere, at anytime. iChain simplifies administration, secures irreplaceable data and accelerates your access to information and overall business integration.

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Readme  html  02/11/2009
Quick Start  html   pdf  .1 MB
iChain Hardware Requirements  html 
Administration view size last update
iChain Administration Guide  html   pdf  6 MB 02/11/2009
- Overview  html 
- Installing iChain Components  html 
- Configuring a Typical Accelerator  html 
- Understanding the Web Server Accelerator  html 
- Understanding Mutual Authentication  html 
- Understanding LDAP Authentication  html 
- Using RADIUS Authentication  html 
- Accelerator Authentication Options  html 
- Using Cross-Domain Authentication  html 
- Configuring Session Broker  html 
- Using the iChain Service Object (ISO)  html 
- Using iChain Access Control Rules  html 
- Using Object-Level Access Control  html 
- Form Fill  html 
- Using iChain to Manage Certificates  html 
- Using Advanced Accelerator Features  html 
- Rewriter Support  html 
- Using Start Up Options and the Command Line Interface  html 
- Using the Proxy Services Interface  html 
- Using Logging Tools  html 
- Upgrading Your iChain System  html