2.3 Contents of Each Identity Assurance Solution CD

The Identity Assurance Solution software is contained on two CDs. The following table can serve as a reference as you install each component.

Table 2-1 IAS CD Contents

CD Name

CD Contents

CD 1–IAS Modules

  • iManager 2.6 (standard iManager structure, plug-ins, custom utilities, and Web applications)

  • Installs for Identity Manager drivers specific to IAS:

    • CMS Driver for ActivIdentity ActivID

    • Enrollment Driver for the Honeywell SmartPlus System

    • PACS Integration Driver for Honeywell SmartPlus System

    • PIV Life Cycle Driver

  • IAS Digital Signature Applet

  • Pre-config files for all IAS Identity Manager drivers

CD 2–IAS Client

  • IAS Client Umbrella Install

  • Novell Client™ 4.9.1 SP3

    NICI and NMAS™ Client

  • Novell Enhanced Smart Card Method (NESCM) 3.0.1

  • Novell Audit Platform Agent 2.0.2