1.2 Reporting Error Code Problems to Novell

1.2.1 Reporting Information

To improve the information Novell has about resolving error code problems, we need to know when and how users are seeing them occur. Please help us gather this information by doing the following:

  1. Record the error number.

  2. Record the circumstances in which the error occurred.

  3. If you were able to resolve the error, record what you did to resolve the problem.

  4. Report this information to Novell using the User Comments field on this page or the page where the error is documented in the online documentation.

    This document is found online at http://www.novell.com/documentation/nwec/index.html.

    No technical support will be returned to you.

  5. Search Novell’s support Knowledgebase for more information about the error. The Knowledgebase located at http://support.novell.com/searchkb_index.htm.

1.2.2 Getting Technical Support

If you are unable to resolve the problem and need technical support, please contact a Novell Support Provider.