6.5 Managing eDirectory Data Storage

Docker Volume is the preferred mechanism for persistently storing eDirectory data and configuration. For more information on persistent storage, see Manage data in Docker.

eDirectory application data that requires persistent storage will be placed under the /config directory in the container during startup. A Docker volume has to be mounted to the /config path in the eDirectory container to persistently store the data on the Docker host file system outside the container. Even if a container is stopped or removed for administrative purposes, application data inside the volume is retained.

This practice is useful for retaining old configuration and data during an upgrade of eDirectory container. For information on upgrading eDirectory container, see Upgrading eDirectory Using Docker Container.

The following example shows how to create a Docker volume called eDir-volume-1:

docker volume create eDir-volume-1

The following example shows how to start an eDirectory container with a volume mounted to it for storage purpose:

docker run -it --name eDir1-Host --restart on-failure:5 --memory="700M" --cpuset-cpus="1" --pids-limit="300" --volume eDir-volume1:/config --network=host edir920:latest new -t docker-tree1 -n novell -S m1 -B -o 1028 -O 1030 -L 1389 -l 1636 --configure-eba-now yes     

In the above command, eDir-volume1 is the Docker volume that is created and mounted to /config location in the eDirectory container.