6.2 Planning to Deploy eDirectory Using Docker Container

This section explains the system requirements and prerequisites for deploying eDirectory Docker container.

6.2.1 System Requirements

Platform Requirements

  • Docker Community Edition version 18.06 and above is sufficient for deploying eDirectory Docker container.

  • overlay2 is the recommended Docker storage driver. BTRFS is not a supported file system of the host on which Docker can be installed.

  • Linux kernel version 3.10 or higher.

  • openSUSE Leap 15.3 works efficiently with the Docker Community Edition version 20.10.9-ce or similar.

Hardware Requirements

  • A minimum of 4 GB RAM and 30 GB Hard disk space is to be provisioned on the Docker Host machine.

NOTE:Memory, CPU and Hard Disk requirements will vary depending on the type of deployment and the number of containers to be deployed. Always provision more resources than the current requirement to handle any possible scale up in future.

6.2.2 Prerequisites

  • Docker host machines should be configured with a Static IP Address.

  • Docker should be installed. For more information on supported platforms, see Docker Documentation.

  • Docker daemon should be up and running.

  • eDirectory Docker image tarball should be downloaded from the Software License and Download portal.

  • Users that need to perform container administration on Docker, should be added to the docker group.

6.2.3 Docker CLI

The explanation of various commands used in Docker CLI is found here.