1.0 Overview

NetIQ eDirectory 9.1 is a standards-compliant, cross-platform, highly scalable, fault-tolerant, and high-performance directory services solution. This guide provides information on tuning your eDirectory environment for improved performance.

Tuning for performance is a complex activity. It requires understanding of both the eDirectory and operating system's subsystems. It involves monitoring the system to identify bottlenecks and fixing them one at a time. Many a times resources are limited and tuning is confined to eDirectory and the operating system.

In this guide, read the Prerequisites section before attempting any kind of tuning, then proceed to the other sections. eDirectory Subsystems chapter describes primary subsystems that influence eDirectory performance. Analyzing System Bottlenecks chapter describes various system resources and their influence on eDirectory performance. Tuning eDirectory Subsystems chapter describes how to analyze and tune eDirectory under various conditions and environments. Finally, the eDirectory Configuration chapter describes how to configure various tunable parameters.