7.2 Upgrade Process in 9.1

The ndsconfig upgrade command is used to upgrade the necessary configuration of the components such as HTTP, LDAP, SNMP, SAS, and NMAS. eDirectory database is upgraded to a new format if eDirectory versions prior to eDirectory 8.8 SP1 are upgraded to eDirectory 9.1.

Using the Force Option to Upgrade eDirectory From Older Versions on Linux

eDirectory 9.1 only supports upgrades from version 8.8.8 or later on Linux.

To upgrade from eDirectory versions 8.7.3 through 8.8.8, perform any one of the following steps:

  • First, upgrade to eDirectory 8.8.8 and then upgrade to eDirectory 9.1.


  • Upgrade directly by using the force switch -f command.

    With this option, some of the checks such as the health check and disk space check for DIB upgrade will not occur. Additionally, older RPMs are removed and new RPMs are installed.

IMPORTANT:If the Identity Manager changelog module is already installed, then you must set the environment variable NDSD_IGNORE_IDM_CHECK to 1 while upgrading eDirectory to 9.1. For example:

  • On Linux: NDSD_IGNORE_IDM_CHECK=1 ./nds-install

  • On Windows: Set NDSD_IGNORE_IDM_CHECK to true before running setup.exe.