9.2 Migrating to eDirectory 9.1 Without Upgrading the Operating System

This method is used in scenarios where there is no operating system upgrade path to supported eDirectory 9.1 version.

For example, eDirectory 8.8 is installed on SLES 10. A customer using SLES 10 wants to upgrade to eDirectory 9.1 on SLES 12 and there is no upgrade path from SLES 10 to SLES 12.

Complete the following steps to migrate to eDirectory 9.1:

  1. Stop the eDirectory server.

  2. Take a backup of the following eDirectory 8.8 files:

    • dib directory

    • nds.rfl directory (by default, this directory is present under the dib directory)

    • nds.conf file

    • NICI User Directory (In case of a root user, the directory found at /var/opt/novell/nici/0 will be the NICI user directory)

    • log files

  3. Install the operating system.

  4. Install eDirectory 9.1 on the server (new installation).

  5. Restore the NICI user directory to /var/opt/novell.

    For more information on NICI user directory, see Configuring the Settings for NICI User Directory in the NICI Administration Guide.

  6. Restore the dib and nds.rfl directories.

  7. Restore the nds.conf to the user-specified location.

  8. Edit /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/.edir/instances.0 and put the absolute path to nds.conf file.

  9. Edit the nds.conf file and add the following:

  10. Set the path as follows:

    Use /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndspath utility.

  11. Run ndsconfig upgrade after setting the path.