D.2 Troubleshooting the Configuration Issues

The following table lists the issues you might encounter and the suggested actions for working on these issues. If the problem persists, contact your NetIQ representative.


Suggested Actions

Loopback Referrals Are Returned By a Directory Server

When eDirectory is configured to listen on loopback addresses, the loopback addresses are stored and returned to the clients when they perform searches and other operations. The referrals are not applicable to the clients that attempts to connect from the machines other than the server. Therefore, the clients fail to connect by using those loopback referrals. However, the other referrals returned by the server still work for the clients.

Trying to connect to each loopback referrals and then choosing the correct referrals could affect the performance of the clients.

Tree Name Lookup Failed: -632 Error While Configuring eDirectory 9.0 on Linux

While configuring eDirectory 9.0 on Linux, you might get the Tree name lookup failed: -632 error. To resolve this, perform the following steps:

  1. After installing the SLP package, ensure that you manually start SLP as follows:

    /etc/init.d/slpuasa start
  2. After uninstalling the SLP package, ensure that you manually stop SLP as follows:

    /etc/init.d/slpuasa stop

Adding an EBA Enabled Secondary Server to a non- EBA Enabled Server Results in Configuration Failure

To workaround this issue, first configure the secondary server without EBA settings, and then upgrade to EBA using the EBA configuration settings.

Excluding the DIB directory from Backup or Antivirus Processes

After installing eDirectory, you should configure your environment to exclude the DIB directory on your eDirectory server from any antivirus or backup software processes. If you do not exclude the DIB directory from processes of this type, you may encounter corrupted DIB files or -618 FFFFFD96 INCONSISTENT DATABASE errors.

Use the eDirectory Backup Tool to back up your DIB directory. For more information about backing up eDirectory, see Backing Up and Removing Roll-Forward Logs in the NetIQ Certificate Server Administration Guide

IP AG Certificate Does Not Get Created on SLES 11 64-Bit Platform

Consider a scenario where eDirectory 9.0 has both IPv4 and IPv6 configured and only one of the them (for example, IPv4) has an entry in the /etc/hosts file, and the other interface is accessible from a remote machine. If you configure eDirectory to listen on both the IPs, the IP AG certificate is generated only for the IP that is listed in the /etc/hosts file. In this example, it is generated for IPv4

Default Instance Path for Multiple Instances.

While you configure the second instance of eDirectory on your host, you are prompted for the default path.

Select a different path and proceed.