4.2 Installing or Upgrading eDirectory on Windows with IPv6

This section provides information about configuring eDirectory on a Windows computer that already supports IPv6 addresses.

4.2.1 Enabling IPv6 While Installing or Upgrading eDirectory

If you want to use IPv6 addresses, ensure that you select the Enable IPv6 check box under IPv6 Preference during the eDirectory installation. If you select it, the DHost starts listening on the IPv6 addresses. If you do not enable IPv6 addresses during the installation process, and then decide to use them later, you must run the setup program again.

4.2.2 Enabling IPv6 for Existing Servers

If you want to use IPv6 addresses for an already configured eDirectory server, you must rerun the installation and select the Enable IPv6 check box under IPv6 Preference. It enables the NCP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols for the IPv6 addresses.

4.2.3 Accessing iMonitor

You can access iMontior over IPv6 addresses using the following link: