3.3 Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements depend on the specific implementation of eDirectory.

For example, a base installation of eDirectory with the standard schema requires about 74 MB of disk space for every 50,000 users. However, if you add a new set of attributes or completely fill in every existing attribute, the object size grows. These additions affect the disk space, processor, and memory needed.

Two factors increase performance: more cache memory and faster processors.

For best results, cache as much of the DIB Set as the hardware allows.

eDirectory scales well on a single processor. However, NetIQ eDirectory 9.1 takes advantage of multiple processors. Adding processors improves performance in some areas—for example, logins and having multiple threads active on multiple processors. eDirectory itself is not processor intensive, but it is I/O intensive.

The following table illustrates typical system requirements for NetIQ eDirectory for Windows:



Hard Disk


384 MB

144 MB

1 million

2 GB

1.5 GB

10 million

2+ GB

15 GB

Requirements for processors depend on additional services available on the computer as well as the number of authentications, reads, and writes that the computer is handling. Processes such as encryption and indexing can be processor intensive.