2.4 Forcing the Backlink Process to Run

Because the internal eDirectory identifiers change when upgrading to NetIQ eDirectory, the backlink process must update backlinked objects for them to be consistent.

Backlinks keep track of external references to objects on other servers. For each external reference on a server, the backlink process ensures that the real object exists in the correct location and verifies all backlink attributes on the master of the replica. The backlink process occurs two hours after the database is open, and then every 780 minutes (13 hours). The interval is configurable from 2 minutes to 10,080 minutes (7 days).

After migrating to eDirectory, start the DSTrace process by issuing the ndstrace -l>log& command, which runs the process at the background. This allows you to properly analyze the results of the backlinker process, which takes 4 to 10 minutes. Then force the backlink process to run by issuing the ndstrace -c 'set ndstrace=*B' command from the DSTrace OS command prompt. Review the results of the log file created in the first step. Then you can unload the DSTrace process by issuing the ndstrace -u command. Running the backlink process is especially important on servers that do not contain a replica.