14.13 Configuring Permissive Modify Control

The current LDAP modify operation can be extended by setting the ldapPermissiveModify option to TRUE. If you attempt to delete an attribute that does not exist or to add any value to an attribute that already exists, the operation goes through without displaying any error message.

LDAP iManger Plug-In

  1. In NetIQ iManager, click the Roles and Tasks button.

  2. Click LDAP > LDAP Options > View LDAP Servers.

  3. Click the LDAP server object > Searches.

  4. Scroll to the Nonstandard Behaviors section, click Enable the Permissive Modify Control, then click OK.

ldapconfig Utility

ldapconfig set "ldapPermissiveModify=yes/no" -a <admin-FDN> -w <admin-password">