14.12 Configuring Generalized Time Support

The Generalized Time Support option allows you to display time in the YYYYMMDDHHmmSS.0Z format. You can enable or disable LDAP Generalized Time support using the ldapconfig utility or the LDAP iManager plugin.

Generalized time support can be enabled using any one of the following methods:

LDAP iManger Plugin

  1. In NetIQ iManager, click the Roles and Tasks button.

  2. Click LDAP > LDAP Options > View LDAP Servers.

  3. Click the LDAP server object > Searches.

  4. Scroll to the Nonstandard Behaviors section, click Show Time In Generalized Format, then click OK.

ldapconfig Utility

ldapconfig set "ldapGeneralizedTime=yes/no" -a <admin-FDN> -w <admin-password">