10.3 Renaming a Tree

You must rename a tree if the two trees you want to merge have the same name.

You can rename only the source tree. To rename the target tree, run the Rename Tree Wizard in NetIQ iManager against a server on the target tree.

If you change a tree name, the bindery context does not automatically change. Because the bindery context set in the autoexec.ncf file also contains the tree name (for example, SET Bindery Context = O=n.test_tree_name), a server with a recently changed tree name does not use the context that it used before the tree name change.

Therefore, after you change a tree's name, you might need to change your client workstation configurations. For the Novell Client for DOS/Windows, check the Preferred Tree and Preferred Server statements in the net.cfg files. For Novell Client for Windows, check the Preferred Tree and Preferred Server statements on the client Property Page.

If Preferred Server is used, the client is unaffected by a tree merge or rename operation because the client still logs in to the server by name. If Preferred Tree is used and the tree is renamed or merged, then that tree name no longer exists. Only the target tree name is retained after the merge. Change the preferred tree name to the new tree name.

When you merge two trees, to minimize the number of client workstations that need to be updated, designate the tree with the most client workstations as the target tree because the final tree retains the name of the target tree.

You can also rename the tree after the merge so that the final tree name corresponds to the tree name with the majority of client workstations.

Another option is to rename the merged tree to the name of the original source tree. If you choose this option, then you must update the net.cfg files on the target tree client workstations.

Use the following list of prerequisites to determine readiness for the renaming operation:

  • Access to a server console on the source tree or an established RCONSOLE session with the server

  • The Supervisor object right to the Tree object of the source tree

  • (Optional) All servers in the tree are operational (Servers that are down will update automatically when they are operational.)

To rename the tree:

  1. In NetIQ iManager, click the Roles and Tasks button Roles and Tasks button.

  2. Click eDirectory Maintenance > Rename Tree.

  3. Specify which server will run the Rename Tree Wizard (this should be a server in the target tree), then click Next.

  4. Authenticate to the server, then click Next.

  5. Specify a new tree name and an Administrator user name and password.

  6. Click Start.

    A Rename Tree Wizard Status window appears, showing the progress of the Rename process.

  7. When a “Completed” message appears with information returned from the Rename process, click Close to exit.