2.3 Enabling XDAS Event Caching

eDirectory 8.8 SP7 allows you to optionally store XDAS events locally on the agent in a Syslog Appender cache. With events cached, if the agent cannot communicate with the auditing server, the audit events generated are retained, ensuring that audit data is not lost. The agent then attempts to re-send the cached events when the agent computer can once again communicate with the auditing server.

XDAS event caching is disabled by default. To enable event caching, complete the steps below.

  1. On the agent computer, navigate to the location of the XDASv2 property file. The xdasconfig.properties file is located at /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/xdasconfig.properties by default. For non-root installations, the XDASv2 property file is located in the conf directory by default.

  2. Use a text editor to open the xdasconfig.properties file.

  3. Within the property file, navigate to the log4j.appender.S.CacheEnabled property and change the property value to yes.

  4. If you want to cache events in a specific directory, modify the value of the log4j.appender.S.CacheDir property to specify the directory path. The default path is /var/opt/novell/eDirectory. If you specify a directory, ensure that the directory path is a valid location on the server. If the specified path does not exist, the Syslog Appender logs events to the default location.

  5. If you want to specify a custom file size for the cache, modify the value of the log4j.appender.S.CacheMaxFileSize property. The default value is 500 MB. The minimum value should be 50 MB, with a maximum value of 4 GB.

  6. Save and close the xdasconfig.properties file.