6.1 Traps Might Not Get Generated As Expected

Traps are sent only if the corresponding verb request is received by the server. They are not sent in any other cases. For example, ndsDeleteAttribute is sent only when the ndsRemoveEntry (trap number 108) request is sent. But an application can always read the ACLs and decide to check whether the user has sufficient rights to perform the delete operation. In this case, the ndsDeleteAttribute trap is not generated. However, you can use iMonitor to view the verb statistics on a particular server.

To get the traps for all occurrences, set the time interval to zero.

You can enable traps to send only on failure conditions. You can enable traps to get them under all conditions.

ndssnmpsa must be restarted when the master agent is restarted

To restart ndssnmpsa, stop ndssnmpsa and then start it again.

To stop ndssnmpsa, enter the following:

Linux: /etc/init.d/ndssnmpsa stop

To start ndssnmpsa, enter the following:

Linux: /etc/init.d/ndssnmpsa start