11.0 Schema

This section includes information for troubleshooting schema.

Troubleshooting Schema

When an auxiliary class is disassociated with an object, the value is not immediately deleted, but it is marked as not present. The auxiliary class is associated with the entry until the DRL process cleans up these values during the actual object validation.

Because the DRL is a resource-consuming background process, other operations are slow during this cleanup. The duration of the cleanup process depends on the number of actual objects and external references in the system. Because this process is CPU and memory intensive, you should not run it frequently. By default, the Backlinker background process runs 50 minutes after ndsd is started and then subsequently runs every 13 hours.

Clearing an auxiliary class from an entry can take between 0 and 13 hours, plus the time taken to process this entry in the system.

To work around this issue, delete the entry of the auxiliary class by triggering the Backlinker through DSTrace or iMonitor.

NOTE:When the object is deleted, the values are immediately purged because this deletion is handled by other background processes.