18.1 The eDirectory for Windows Server Won’t Start

If the eDirectory server fails to start when you boot the Windows server, a message will notify you that the service failed to start.

If there are no other eDirectory database replicas, users can't log in.

If there are other replicas, logging in might be slow and you will see communication errors and synchronization errors on the servers holding those replicas.

  • The eDirectory server entries in the Windows Registry might have been edited, or the Windows Registry might be corrupt.

  • eDirectory database files might have been corrupted or deleted.

  • If the eDirectory server cannot start because another service did not start, you can get more information from Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

    You will need to resolve the related-service problem before starting the eDirectory server.

  • The Registry or eDirectory executable files are corrupted or lost. Run the SAMMIG utility in the system directory. Select Uninstall NDS on Windows NT and include new eDirectory information in the NT domain. Continue with the uninstallation process until completed. Then restart sammig.exe and proceed to install eDirectory.

  • Database files have been corrupted or deleted. If the eDirectory server comes up on the NT server but the service can’t open the eDirectory database files, see The Windows Server Can’t Open the eDirectory Database Files.

  • The eDirectory server is not connected to a hub or switch or directly to a workstation (using a crossover cable). Connect the server to a hub or switch.