5.0 Auditing with XDASv2

The XDASv2 specification provides a standardized classification for audit events. It defines a set of generic events at a global distributed system level. XDASv2 provides a common portable audit record format to facilitate the merging and analysis of audit information from multiple components at the distributed system level. The XDASv2 events are encapsulated within a hierarchical notational system that helps to extend the standard or existing event identifier set.

With eDirectory 8.8 SP8, if the XDASv2 agent cannot communicate with the syslog server, the agent can be configured to locally cache logged audit events, ensuring that audit data is not lost. The agent then attempts to re-send the stored audit events, continuing until communication is restored. XDAS event caching is disabled by default.

For more information, refer to the NetIQ XDASv2 Administration Guide.