5.0 The ndspassstore Utility

ndspassstore is a new utility used to store encrypted password for the sadmin user or the eDirectory user. This utility is available on Linux and Windows platforms. This utility takes the username and the password as inputs and stores it as encrypted key-value pairs.

In this release, this utility is used to set the sadmin password.

This utility is available by default at C:\Novell\NDS in Windows and at /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin in Linux.

Command Synopsis

You could use the ndspassstore utility by entering the following command at the server console:

ndspassstore -a <adminContext> -w <password>



-a adminContext

This option is used to accept the adminContext which is the Fully Distinguished Name of a user having administrative rights.

-w password

This option is used to accept the password (user password) for authentication.