4.0 NICI Backup and Restore

Novell International Cryptography Infrastructure (NICI) stores keys and user data in the file system and in system and user specific directories and files. These directories and files are protected by setting the proper permissions on them using the mechanism provided by the operating system. This is done by the NICI installation program.

Uninstalling NICI from the system does not remove the system or user directories and files. Therefore, the only reason to restore these files to a previous state is to recover from a catastrophic system failure or a human error. It is important to understand that overwriting an existing set of NICI user directories and files might break an existing application.

The database key required to open the DIB is wrapped with NICI keys. Hence if an eDirectory backup is performed independent of NICI backup then it is of no use.

Changes Over the Previous NICI Backup and Restore Mechanism

Previously, NICI backup and restore had to be performed manually. In this release, a new NICI backup and restore solution has been added. A switch (-e) has been added to the eDirectory backup solution (eMBox backup and DSBK) and this switch enables:

  1. Backing up the NICI keys when an eDirectory backup is run

  2. Restoring the NICI keys when an eDirectory restore is run

Refer to the Backing Up and Restoring NICI in the NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Administration Guide.