6.1 Creating a Partition

When you create partitions, you make logical divisions of your tree. These divisions can be replicated and distributed among different eDirectory servers in your network.

When you create a new partition, you split the parent partition and end up with two partitions. The new partition becomes a child partition, as seen in the following illustration.

Figure 6-1 Before and After a Partition Split

For example, if you choose an Organizational Unit and create it as a new partition, you split the Organizational Unit and all of its subordinate objects from its parent partition.

The Organizational Unit you choose becomes the root of a new partition. The replicas of the new partition exist on the same servers as the replicas of the parent, and objects in the new partition belong to the new partition’s root object.

Creating a partition might take some time, because all of the replicas need to be synchronized with the new partition information. If you attempt another partition operation while a partition is still being created, you receive a message telling you that the partition is busy.

You can look at the replica list for the new partition and know that the operation is complete when all replicas in the list are in an On state. You must manually refresh the view periodically because the states are not automatically refreshed.

To create a partition:

  1. In NetIQ iManager, click the Roles and Tasks button Roles and Tasks button.

  2. Click Partition and Replica Management > Create Partition.

  3. Specify the name and context of the container you want to create a new partition from, then click OK.