1.0 Understanding NetIQ eDirectory

In simplest terms, NetIQ eDirectory is a list of objects that represent network resources, such as network users, servers, printers, print queues, and applications. NetIQ eDirectory is a highly scalable, high-performing, secure directory service. It can store and manage millions of objects, such as users, applications, network devices, and data. NetIQ eDirectory offers a secure identity management solution that runs across multiple platforms, is internet-scalable, and extensible.

NetIQ eDirectory provides centralized identity management, infrastructure, Net-wide security, and scalability to all types of applications running behind and beyond the firewall. NetIQ eDirectory includes Web-based and wireless management capabilities, allowing you to access and manage the directory and users, access rights, and network resources from a Web browser and a variety of handheld devices.

NetIQ eDirectory natively supports the directory standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 3 and provides support for TLS/SSL services based on the OpenSSL source code.

For more information on the eDirectory engine, see “eDirectory Process Requests”.

Figure 1-1 shows a few of the objects as viewed in the NetIQ iManager management utility.

Figure 1-1 eDirectory Objects in iManager

Some object classes might not be available, depending on the actual schema configured on the eDirectory server and the operating system running eDirectory.

For more information on objects, see Object Classes and Properties.

If you have more than one eDirectory server on the network, the directory can be replicated on multiple servers.

This chapter includes the following information: