21.0 Setting the sadmin Password

You can set up a preconfigured admin user that allows access to the HTTP Protocol Stack (HTTPSTK) when eDirectory is not loaded. The preconfigured admin user, sadmin, has rights that are equivalent to the eDirectory Admin User object. If the server is in a state where eDirectory is not functioning correctly, you can log in to the server as this user and perform all the diagnostic and debugging tasks necessary that do not require eDirectory.

NOTE:The sadmin username is case-insensitive.

Use the ndspassstore utility to set the sadmin password on Windows and Linux systems.

Enter the following at the server console:

ndspassstore -a sadmin -w <password>

where sadmin (admin context) is the fully distinguished name of a user having administrative rights and password is the password for authentication. Select an appropriate instance in case of a multi-instance scenario.

Example: ndspassstore -a sadmin -w pass

ndspassstore is available by default at C:\Novell\NDS in Windows and at /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin in UNIX.