17.10 LDAP-Based Backup

The LDAP-based backup feature is used to backup the attributes and attribute values one object at a time.

The following table lists the platforms that support this feature:




LDAP-based backup

This feature lets you perform an incremental backup wherein the object is backed up only if there are changes to the object.

LDAP-based backup provides a set of interfaces for backup and restore of eDirectory objects exposed through the LDAP Libraries for C through LDAP extended operations.

For more information on LDAP Libraries for C SDK, refer to the LDAP Libraries for C documentation.

For an example of how to do backup and restore of eDirectory objects through LDAP, refer to the backup.c sample code.

17.10.1 Need for LDAP Based Backup

The LDAP based backup tries to resolve the problems with the current backup and restore.

The problems that this feature resolves are:

  • Gives a consistent interface using which any third party backup applications or developers can backup eDirectory on all the supported platforms.

  • Provides a backup solution to backup objects incrementally.

17.10.2 For More Information

For more information on this feature, refer to the following: