4.2 Configuring Background Processes

You can control the speed of the skulker, purger, and obituary background processes by using any one of the following settings:

  • CPU - Specifies the maximum percentage of computer resources and the delay between two executions of the same process (skulker, purger, and obituary).

  • Hard Limit - Specifies a static delay setting for the individual skulker, purger, and obituary processes.

For information about how to configure background processes, see Configuring Background Processes.

4.2.1 Hard Limit Policy

The Hard Limit Policy is enabled, by default. The background processes process a certain number of objects and then sleep for an interval of 100 milliseconds (default value). In eDirectory 8.8 SP8, you can reduce the delay (sleep) interval to improve the performance of the system. You can increase the CPU utilization, when the delay is close to 0 milliseconds and if one, or more of these processes are running in the background. You must monitor and tune it accordingly.

4.2.2 CPU-Based Dynamic Policy

The CPU-based policy allows the system to dynamically tune the delay of the following three background processes to restrict the maximum CPU utilization:

  • Change cache processing delay (part of outbound synchronization)

  • ObitProc delay (obituary processing)

  • Purger delay (pruning change cache)

The system automatically restricts CPU utilization to the configured level. When the client load is high, the background processes slow down and when the client load reduces, the speed of the background processes increase. If you don’t want the background processes to be slow, you can configure the maximum delay limit by reducing the sleep interval in this policy. However, setting a small sleep interval can cause breach of CPU restrictions.

4.2.3 Background Process Interval

You can set interval values for the following background processes:

  • Backlink/DRL Interval

  • Cleaner Interval

  • Outbound Sync Interval

  • Schema Sync Interval

  • Janitor Interval

  • Purger Interval

To configure the background process intervals:

  1. Log into iMonitor.

  2. Go to Agent Configuration > Background Process Settings.

  3. In the Background Process Interval section, specify a value for interval.