13.11 Graphical DS Repair Utility

The Graphical DS Repair Utility has been added to OES 11 SP1. This tool is automatically installed during a new OES 11 SP1 installation.

To invoke the user interface, run the ndsgrepair command at the server console. Most of the repair operations that can be performed using the console can be performed using the graphical interface. To navigate all of the help topics such as the menu options, press F1 or click Help > Help Contents in the UI main menu.

If you are upgrading to OES 11 SP1, perform the following steps to manually select novell-ndsgrepair under the eDirectory pattern:

  1. Open YaST, then select OES Install and Configuration.

  2. Click Details and select Novell eDirectory Pattern on left, then scroll down to bottom of the Packages on the right.

  3. Select novell-ndsgrepair, click Accept, then Next, and then Finish.