16.2 Verifying That the LDAP Server Is Loaded

Before configuring LDAP objects, verify that the LDAP server is loaded and functional. This section explains how to verify that the LDAP server is loaded. To verify that the server is running and functional, see Section 16.3, Verifying That the LDAP Server Is Running.

On Windows

  1. On a Windows server, open ndscons.exe.

    Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > NetIQ eDirectory Services.

  2. On the Services tab, scroll to nldap.dlm, then view the Status column.

    The column displays Running.

You can also use NetIQ iManager.

  1. Click the Roles and Tasks button Roles and Tasks button.

  2. Click eDirectory Maintenance > Service Manager.

  3. Select a connection, server, or DNS name or IP address, then click OK.

  4. Provide your password, then click OK.

  5. Click LDAP Agent for NetIQ eDirectory 8.8.

    The Module Information section displays nldap.nlm in the filename field.

On Linux

To verify if the LDAP Server is running, run the following command:

ndstrace -c modules | grep nldap

If the LDAP server is not loaded or running, an error appears stating that the nldap module is not loaded.

You can also use the following options:

These will list all the instances of eDirectory running with out any error. If the LDAP server is not loaded and not listening on either of the ports, the above commands display the error -255 (ensure that LDAP Server is running).