22.0 The eDirectory Management Toolbox

The NetIQ eDirectory Management Toolbox (eMBox) lets you access all of the eDirectory back-end utilities remotely, as well as on the server.

The eMBox works with NetIQ iManager to provide Web-based access to eDirectory utilities such as DSRepair, DSMerge, Backup and Restore, and Service Manager.

IMPORTANT:For all the users including the administrator, Role Based Services must be configured through iManager to the tree that is to be administered for tasks to be run.

Role Based Services must be configured for the following tasks that are under eDirectory maintenance menu in the iManager:

  • Backup Configuration

  • Graft Tree

  • Repair eDirectory

  • Repair Server

  • Repair Sync

  • Replica Repair

  • Replica Ring Repair

  • Restore

  • Schema Maintenance

  • Service Manager

  • Merge Tree

  • Rename Tree

All functions are accessible, either on the local server or remotely, through a command line client. You can perform tasks for multiple servers from one server or workstation using the Client.

For all eDirectory Management Tools (eMTools), to run, including Backup, DSRepair, DSMerge, Schema Operations, and eDirectory Service Manager, eMBox must be loaded and running on the eDirectory server.

NOTE:For more information on using the eMTools, see the man page for each utility and the section Troubleshooting Utilities on Linux in the NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Troubleshooting Guide.

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