13.3 Performing a Repair in NetIQ iMonitor

You can access Repair features by using the Repair Via iMonitor option in NetIQ iManager. The Repair page in iMonitor lets you view problems and back up or clean up your eDirectory database.

In iMonitor, DSRepair is a server-centric feature. In other words, this feature is available only on the local server where iMonitor is running. If you need to access this feature on another server, you must switch to the iMonitor running on that server.

You must be the equivalent of the Administrator of the server or a console operator on the server where you are trying to access the DS Repair page. For this reason, you must first log in so your credentials can be verified before you can access information on this page.

  1. In NetIQ iManager, click the Roles and Tasks button Roles and Tasks button.

  2. Click eDirectory Maintenance > Repair via iMonitor.

  3. Specify the server that will perform the operation, then click OK.

    To open iMonitor and run the repair options manually, click Run iMonitor and Let Me Access Repair from There before you click OK.

  4. Specify a user name, context, and password for the server you are trying to access, then click OK to open the iMonitor Repair page.

  5. Select the repair options you want, then click Start Repair.

For more information on using the repair features available in iMonitor, see Viewing DSRepair Information.