6.4 Cancelling Create or Merge Partition Operations

You can cancel a Create or Merge partition operation if the operation has not yet progressed past the stage at which the change is committed. Use this feature to back out of an operation, or if your eDirectory network returns eDirectory errors or fails to synchronize following a partition operation.

If replicas in your directory tree experience synchronization errors, an abort operation might not always solve the problem. However, you can use this feature as an initial troubleshooting option.

If a partition operation cannot be completed because a server is down (or otherwise unavailable), either make the server visible to the network so the operation can complete or attempt to abort the operation. If eDirectory cannot synchronize because the database is corrupted, you should abort any partition operation in progress.

Partition operations can take considerable time to fully synchronize across the network, depending on the number of replicas involved, the visibility of servers involved, and the existing wire traffic.

If you get an error that says a partition is busy, it doesn’t mean that you should abort the operation. You can usually expect partition operations to complete within 24 hours depending on the size of the partition, connectivity issues, etc. If a particular operation fails to complete within this time frame, you should then attempt to abort the operation in progress.